Based on the dead and the dark by Courtney Gould

Explore the motel, diner, & shop with friends! Perfect for soaking in the atmosphere and talking about the book


Move - WASD / Arrow keys

Look Around - Mouse

Enter seat/vehicle - Spacebar


A quick walking simulator I put together for our monthly book club. I would have loved to implement more of the town or some of the ghostly features but I didn't have a lot of time!

The van is bodged together from my old PsiFrost hover car code, and they humans are animated using the mech skeletons from MexPlore. Hence the jank lol.

Doesn't work on mobile WebGL. Desktop WebGL may have visual artifacts, downloadables fix this issue.

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Download 78 MB
Download 51 MB


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Very nice design!!!

When I open the game I only get the made in unity logo and then the screen stays black, but the sound continues, and if I get the interaction letters, but I don't see anything, any solution? :c

Sorry, this was just a really quick sketch I made in a few hours.. It's not very functional :D


ah ok,no problem:,D


Interesting, the camera effects make it very creepy, and atmospheric, but the player could have walked at least a bit faster, this can be disturbing, when you went in the wrong direction for a long time.