How To Play!

Can be played alone or with up to 4 friends online multiplayer

Explore each zone to discover any mechs which will help you traverse the area.

Land your heli-cockpit on the neck of a mech to take control of it!

Reach the green circles to progress to the next zone

There are 5 zones; Bunker, City, Wasteland, Ocean, & Sandbox

It ended up being more of a tech demo due to time constraints but please enjoy!


Full controls available via in game menu

Esc/Start - Show Menu

Middle Mouse/Ctrl/Select - Decouple heli from mech

Mouse Wheel - Zoom In/Out! (sorry no controller input for this currently)


Created by @johnjoemcbob [] in two weeks for Mech Jam II!

Some audio by @DrMelon []

More info -

Spoiler Instructions

Bunker - Crawler & Hopper Mechs - Travel to the green ring

City - Two legged Walker Mechs - Punch down buildings to clear paths

Wastelands - Bridge Mechs - Extend the bridge bodies to allow other Mechs to clear gaps

Ocean - Boat Mech - Follow the river and waterfalls using the boat mech to the green ring on the island

Sandbox - Mess around with all the mechanics in one zone!


Download 66 MB
Download 75 MB

Development log


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It looks cool but I can't figure out how to operate the heli. Ok I figured out the heli, but the issues is getting the landscape into a view to actually be able to see where I am going. It's either up close or a blank view with a green dot, it's almost impossible to get it to a perfect view to see anything or where I am going. I want to play it so bad but I'm loosing my mind. Any help would be appreciated.

You can use the mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out! Perhaps that's the issue?

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I tried to do that but it's not doing for me what I think it should be, or I just can't seem to get that perfect view where I can move around and see everything. Like I'm either right up on the mech or I'm as far away as possible, can't find that happy medium


I really enjoyed your game, especially punching my way through the fallen cities. Nice work

Thanks for the kind words!


I love the different mech designs! Awesome job :o


Thank you robin!!!! :')