The Flame Prepared

In a retro-futuristic reflection of the collapsing Bronze Age, you manage a telephone switchboard that connects people across the world.

Desperate displaced migrants are seeking refuge in Egypt. Branding them a malicious army of ‘Sea People’, the Pharaoh plans to massacre them in defence of his hoarded wealth. Sitting at the heart of the state’s communications network, the power to organise for good or ill is in your hands.

At the end of the world, all we have is each other.


Narrative/design: Cat (@SunshineMoonRX)

Art/design: Sid (@tackyvillain)

Programming/design: John (@johnjoemcbob)

Desert City by Kevin MacLeod



Ancient Rite by Kevin MacLeod





CW for historical fashion that would now be considered NSFW.

Historical notes in brief: I use some modern place-names and compass directions so you know what they’re talking about; the personal names are at least plausible; and the Minoan characters are a bit more mid than late bronze age in style but that’s because I think they’re cool. -Cat

Historical notes in full here:


Download 49 MB


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Congratulations to the team. This game is very well polished. I find the game idea to be original. Very good use of music, SFX  and graphics to create an immersive setting. The only thing I would comply is that the numbers are hard to read.