A downloadable game

Play Here: clubxxy.co.uk

A virtual space containing three unique, diverse clubs each drawn by a different artist. Video interviews can be viewed within the space while exploring.

More Info: https://johnjoemcbob.com/portfolio/club-xxy/


Biome Collective

@johnjoemcbob - Programmer

Malath Abbas - Artist + Coordinator

Hollie Page - 3D Artist

Ned Pooler - 2D Artist (Landing Page)

Bronya Tritschler - 2D Artist (Pink Peacock)

Jack Murphy - 2D Artist (Thorny)

Nomi - 2D+3D Artist (Misery)

Kyalo Searle-Mbullu - Sound Designer

Leonie Rae Gasson - Captioning

Tessa Ratuszynska - Director


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I'm glad to see these sorts of spaces in the indie scene. I've been looking for experimental multiplayer environments, especially in XR, but they're surprisingly difficult to find. I'm curious if you, or anyone else know of any other experimental spaces like this.

Thank you!

XR wise- I'm not the most informed but I've had a lot of fun exploring VR Chat on private servers with friends

Non XR-

HORIZON which I developed for the Guggenheim museum

A bunch of wonderful LIKELIKE-likes, 2d web based MMOs, ours is called the Biome Gallery

One of the first spaces we explored together was Red Desert Render, which was super inspiring in terms of multiplayer movement and discovery

Our friends over at Sickhouse / The Overkill are always exploring these kinds of spaces live on stream, with audience participation - check out their "Exploration Mode" series for tonnes of great recommendations

We were hanging out in v buckenham & Viviane Schwarz's Frog Pond last night

There are probably loads more but that's just off the top of my head, hope it helps!


Greatly appreciated. Thanks for the detailed response.